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AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit 2018

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AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit 2018
AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit 2018
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By bringing together 15+ FBA experts in one event, you will learn all the techniques and methods of developing a successful and scalable FBA business during Q4.

Specially designed to capitalize on the incredible potential that Q4 holds for the online retail sector, the seminar will offer you step-by-step information to:

Optimize your Amazon product listing conversions
Drive internal and external traffic to all your listings
Identifying the most profitable products on the market
Catering to the demographic with highest spending potential

Each speaker provides their own personal expertise that has helped them rise to the top of the FBA world. By receiving advice and insight from over 15 unique industry leaders, you will learn a variety of useful marketing, sales and optimization techniques that can directly be applied to your business!

Augustas Kligys - the host and creator of AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit will kick off the most exciting online event for Amazon sellers before Q4 preparation.

He will take you behind the scenes of this online conference and answer your questions.

Don't miss the email with invitation to join the Kick-Off webinar on Monday, the 3rd of September. We will have few giveaways as well.

Kevin King will join us to share his experience attending more than 20 conferences in 2018.

Day 1

Paulina Masson - How To Save On Storage Fees
Meghla Bhardwaj - Sourcing Best Practices To Prepare For Q4
Diane Boerstler, M.NLP - How To Multiply Your Money Flow In 90 Days Using 3 Little Known, Ultra-Fast "Brain Tweak" Techniques That Reprogram Your Mind
Arabella Redford - Best Practice for Optimising Your Amazon Listings in Q4
Shelley Simone & Richard Evans - Product Winners To Smash It In Q4
Greg Reynolds - Generating 5-Star Reviews From Unhappy Customers

Day 2

Kevin King - How To Get Featured In Gift Guides For The Holidays
Chris Rawlings - 4 NEW Traffic Channels For Q4 To Stay At The Top
Max Hofmann - Beyond Amazon PPC: Additional Traffic For Q4 With Google Shopping Ads
Andy Arnott - How to Leverage Off-site Traffic & Pick the Right Keywords for Q4
Paul Harvey - Using Facebook Messenger To Boost Your Q4

Day 3

Sean Smith - Sponsored Products Planning For Q4
Stefano Starkel - How To Kill It With Sponsored Products... Without Killing Your Profits
Vladi Gordon - Top 5 Hidden Profit Killers
Yev Marusenko - Using Facebook ads algorithm during holiday sales on Amazon
Troy Johnston - Optimizing Like An Expert - Leveraging Keywords To Outpace Amazon Competition

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