Adobe After Effects CS5 Plugin Collection Volume 4 1
Adobe After Effects [CS5] Plugin Collection Volume 4.1
Size | 2.83 GB

Since the release of Adobe After Effects CS5, I have been collecting as many plugins as possible for Adobe After Effects CS5.


- Normality 3.1 for AE CS5. -Also added Crazybump with trial reset batch, and VC Project Files.

Boris Continuum 7 CS5:
- Version 707 (Fixed many bugs of previous versions, many bugs still exist, but program is now almost entirely functional)

CycoreFX CS5:
- Cycore FX HD 1.7

DigiEffects CS5:
- Aged Film 1.3, Atmosphere v1.4, Buena Depth Cue v2, Camera Mapper 1.2.1, Damage v2, Delirium v2

Digital Film Tools CS5:
- Composite Suite Pro. PowerMatte. PowerStroke, ZMatte

Frischluft CS5:
-Lenscare AE v1.45 (Also included unregistered Frischluft Plugins:Fresh Curves, Lensfeed, and Zborn Toy)
- Flair AE v1.27

Genarts CS5:
-Genarts 5.02, Monsters 6.01

Grid Iron Nucleo Pro 3 CS5:
- Powerful rendering software for AECS5

Industrial Revolution CS5:
- No WIN Plugins yet, only for Mac. (Worth looking into for MAC Users.)

New Blue CS5:
- Version 1.4 (Looking for more stable version.)

Red Giant CS5:
- Effects Suite: Holomatrix, Image Lounge, Knoll Light Factory, Planespace, Psunami 1.4, Text Anarchy, Toonit 2.1, Warp 1.1.

- Keying Suite: Key Correct 1.2, Primatte Keyer 4.1

- Magic Bullet Suite: Colorista, Colorista II, Denoiser 1.0, Frames 1.1, Instant HD, Looks, Mojo 1.2, Quick Looks.

Trapcode Suite: Including support for multiple hosts!
- 3D Stroke 2.6, Echospace 1.1, Form 1.1, Horizon 1.1, Lux 1.1, Particular 2.1, Shine 1.6, Soundkeys 1.2, Starglow 1.6

Revision CS5:
- Reelsmart Motion Blur Professional 4.0, DeNoise 2.0, Fieldskit, 3.0, PV Feather 1.5, Refill v2.0, Reflex V4.0, ReMap v2.0, Smoothkit v3, Shade Shape v4.0, Twixtor Pro V5.0, Video Gogh v3.5.

Synthetic Aperture CS5:
- Test Gear 2.5

The Foundry CS5:
- Camera Tracker v1.0v1, Kronos v5.0v1, Rolling Shutter v1.1v2

Tiffen DFX CS5:
- Tiffen DFX V2.0.2.1, Tiffen DFX Standalone Windows

Video Co-Pilot CS5: (VC tutorials, sound designs, prerenders not included.)
- Film Magic Pro, Sure Target 2, VC Reflect, VC Video Streams HD Presets, VC Twitch, VC Optical Flares, VC Optical Flares Pro Presets 2.

- Particle Illusion; working version for CS4 Only.. Awaiting CS5 Version.

Zaxwerks CS5:
- 3D Invigorator Pro v5.0.2
- 3D Reflector v2.0
- 3D Serpentine v2.0
- 3D Pro Animator

Photoshop plugins, Mainconcept Codec Suite for APCS5, Third Party scripts, and presets.