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Veescope Live 2.1.8

标签: Mac OS X

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Veescope Live 2 1 8

Veescope Live 2.1.8 | Mac Os X | 13.3 MB

Veescope Live is the ultimate live video production tool. It can turn any Intel MacIntosh into a real-time chroma keyer. It displays real-time video scopes (Waveform, Vectorscope, RGB Parade), audio meters, high and low video level Zebra patterns, and more. It even lets you record directly to your computer's hard drive. Veescope Live supports a wide range of video formats, such as HDV, DVCPro HD, and DV straight from your camera's firewire port. With the addition of a Quicktime compatible capture card, Veescope Live can wide range HD and SD video sources.

Veescope Live 2 1 8
Veescope Live 2.1.8

Live Chroma Keyer
Real-time chroma keying from any compatible video camera. There's no need to guess about what the final shot will look like. Now, you can see it.

High Definition Video Scopes
Eliminate bad video forever using our profession grade real-time scopes. Our scopes support Rec 709 (HD) and Rec 601 (SD) and are full raster.

High/Low Zebra patterns
High and low zebra patterns give you feedback on when something is too bright or too dark in the video. 

Overscan/Title Safe overlays
See what part of the frame will show up when the video displayed on a television set.

Final Cut Pro XML Export
Send a Veescope Live project to Final Cut Pro via XML with all the logging, keying, and effects. This feature requires the Veescope Key plug-in which must be purchased separately.

Camera Connectivity
Veescope Live works with HDV, DVC Pro, and DVC Pro HD cameras. Connect via HDMI, HD-SDI and Analog video via any Quicktime compatible capture card.

Digital Video Recorder
Record direct to disk from any compatible video camera.

A vectorscope will help perfectly light a chroma key backdrop. Get perfect flesh tones every time with the vectorscope's built in flesh line. 

Waveform Monitor
Adjusting the lighting in a scene has never been easier with this waveform monitor. 

RGB Parade
Check your red, green, and blue levels with the RGB Parade.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.


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